LUCY Drawing Tool - $97


Built in the USA

Amazing Results

“The LUCY Drawing Tool opens up a whole new world of possibilities. This instrument, requires a degree of patience and skill which rewards with truly amazing results.

-Eugene Conway

Expands What I Can Do

“The LUCY is not just a simple reproduction of this drawing aid of old but it also introduces a few improvements of its own."

-Roy Yap, Get Dat Gadget

Special Abilities

"The LUCY will make you feel like you have special abilities by letting you look at two things at once – and have them converge in the same spot for you to draw on top of."

-Michael Borys, Boing Boing

I love the LUCY

“I love the LUCY. I find it easy and fun to use, even though I can, and do, draw without it. I use it to quickly get the correct perspective.”

-Rhonda Sciacca

Channel Your Inner Dutch Master

"Now everyone can channel their inner Dutch master with the LUCY drawing tool."

-Jennifer Ouellette, GIZMODO


The LUCY Drawing Tool uses a series of optical mirrors  to place a live image of your subject onto your drawing paper!

The LUCY is an improved version of the classic camera lucida. Watch the 85 second video below to learn more about how it works. 

What is a camera Lucida -VIDEO

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BUY the LUCY NOW - $97

ENLARGE Photos with Your LUCY!


The LUCY is the Old Masters secret tool TOTALLY reinvented for today's artists. Like the classic device, it still uses no electricity and requires some effort while improving your skills. But it has been improved with a larger, brighter, more stable image and adjustable image brightness control. And can be used standing, sitting, or at an easel, so it's easier to use and more versatile.

A History of How Optics Has Helped Artists Create Better Paintings -VIDEO

Buy The LUCY -$97

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