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LUCY Drawing Tool + Photo Projector & Bag

LUCY Drawing Tool + Photo Projector & Bag

Sale price $139.00 Regular price $190.00

Lucid-Art Camera Lucida With Photo Projector

LUCID-Art Camera Lucida with Photo Projector

Sale price $265.00 Regular price $350.00


► Larger More Stable Image: Up to 19 x 27 Inches (48.3 x 68.6 cm) from Life

► Optional Photo Projector Accessory to Enlarge a 4x6" Photo Up to 3X

► Bright Adjustable Image with Shatter Resistant Optics

► Can Be Used Sitting, Standing, Or on an Easel

► Built in USA w/ Fiberglass-Infused Polycarbonate

► 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty  



► Largest Most Stable Image: Up to 20 x 37 Inches (50.8 x 94 cm) from Life

► Includes Photo Projector Accessory to Enlarge 4x6” Photo Up to 4X

► Bright Adjustable Image with Shatter Resistant Optics

► Solid Mechanical Arm with Diagonal Cross Support

► Built in USA w/ Lightweight Aluminum Alloy

► 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty 


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Differences Between LUCID•Art & LUCY

What is a Camera Lucida? (video)

How the LUCY works

When you look through the LUCY’s view hole, optical mirrors create a transparent “ghost” image of the scene in front of you reflected down onto your canvas or paper. Just draw or paint over the reflected image to get the correct perspective, foreshortening, proportion, position, overlap, shape. Thus, leaving you more time to develop your art the way you want it without being frustrated by the technical elements.


What is your 30-day money-back guarantee?

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Can I use the LUCY if I wear glasses?

Yes, you can use the LUCY if you wear glasses. But it may not work well if you wear trifocals or progressive lenses.  Basically a LUCY enables you to see two things at the same time laid over either. So you see your paper and the subject at the same time. So if you have difficultly seeing near and far objects without trifocals, then when the two images are transposed over each other you will only be able to see either one or the other clearly.  Now this mostly applies if you’re drawing something far away. Lets say you have the LUCY set 20” above the paper, and you’re drawing a still life 20” away, then you shouldn't have the same problem.  Normal glasses won't be a problem, but if you have trifocals then you will have difficulty using your LUCY for draw distant scenes like landscapes. But you should be able to draw close still lifes, portraits, or photos with the Photo Projector.

Does it matter if you are right or left handed?

No, it does not matter because the manual shows you how it can easily changes the LUCY back and forth from right-handed to left-handed. So if you have more than one person using it; then you can change back and forth from the right-handed setup to the left-handed setup.

What Can You do with Your LUCY? (video)

What are people saying?

  • Jennifer Ouellette, GIZMODO

    "Now everyone can channel their inner Dutch master with the LUCY drawing tool."

  • Michael Borys, Boing Boing

    "The LUCY will make you feel like you have special abilities by letting you look at two things at once – and have them converge in the same spot for you to draw on top of."

  • Lynne Hurd Bryant, Artist

    "I LOVE THIS THING! I am so pleased and so excited and it is like MAGIC. It has added to my art degree training and expand what I can do."

  • More Reviews

Made in the USA

The LUCY head is injection molded in the USA with fiberglass-infused polycarbonate. All optics (mirrors and filters) are shatter resistant acrylic glass.

The flex neck arm is 2 feet long by 10mm thick and made from strong lightweight steel with a black skin-like rubbery coating.

The clamp is made from extruded aluminum with free-spinning rubber covered grip to keep your table protected.

►Large image: 19 x 27 inches (48 x 58 cm)

►Adjustable image brightness

►Adjustable height

►Use it while standing, sitting or at an easel

What Makes the LUCY Better? (video)

The LUCY Photo Projector

The LUCY Photo Projector is an accessory for the LUCY that you can add to your order for $20. The Photo Projector allows you to enlarge photos, pictures or small objects using your LUCY up to a 3x magnification. That’s blowing up a 4in x 6in photo to 12in x 18in (10.2cm x 15.2cm to 30.5cm x 45.7cm).

The image is better than what you can get with an ordinary art projector: you don’t have to work in the dark, no annoying shadow, no electricity, no risk of damaging your photo with a hot bulb. It comes with the small stand that attaches to your LUCY and a custom acrylic Fresnel lens that both enlarges and focuses the image down on your paper or canvas.

LUCY Deluxe Package with Photo Projector

The handy carrying bag comes with the Photo Projector. It has plenty of room in the main pouch to fit your LUCY, and two outer zipper pockets perfect for storing the filters and Photo Projector. Bag measures 13.75″ W x 16.25″ H

Who needs a LUCY? (video)

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