Teach with the Old Masters' Secret Techniques

Get educational discounts on DrawLUCY bulk orders for your school, university, or museum.

  • Boosts Student Confidence

  • Adaptive for All Levels

  • Fosters Engagement

  • Enhances Art Education

  • Promotes Creativity

  • Hands-On Learning

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Artists, Schools, and Museums—use LUCY Worldwide

"I'm using LUCY flex since 2017, mainly for educational purposes, here, at Paris National Natural History Museum, where I work as scientific illustrator and instructor. LUCY fits perfectly my needs to teach how to draw helped with an optical device, from middle school to Master Degree in scientific illustration. Students discovering this tool really enjoy the magic!"

-Didier Geffard-Kuriyama

French National Museum of Natural History

"I bought the LUCY in the hope it would help my students learn to draw. Some students that had trouble concentrating with normal drawing instruction showed a renewed focus and showed considerable renewed effort in learning to draw. It is easy and fun to use and I would recommend you give it try. Here are some samples of portraits that I have done. The LUCY is a big time-saver and makes getting a likeness much easier."

-Mr. Samuel Paris

Baltimore County Public Schools

Use the LUCY for fun, confidence-boosting projects that teach basic drawing skills and enhance creativity.

Teach classic drawing skills with the LUCY. Each bulk school purchase is eligible for free access to the LUCY Drawing Course upon request. The course guides students through easy exercises that highlight the LUCY Drawing Tool's natural teaching strengths, providing classroom exercises and ideas for using your LUCYs.

Why Use The LUCY In The Classroom

Revolutionize Art Education

Incorporate the LUCY Drawing Tool to modernize your curriculum, blending historical techniques with today's technology.

Inclusive Learning

The LUCY Drawing Tool makes it easier for students of all skill levels to enhance their art with a hands-on approach to learning and improving.

Boost Student Confidence

Use the LUCY to provide immediate success and boost student confidence, laying the groundwork for more advanced artistic endeavors.

Art History Connection

Utilize the LUCY to connect students with artistic techniques used by the Old Masters, adding depth to art history lessons.

Integrating the LUCY Drawing Tool into the classroom offers an unparalleled educational advantage. As a modern-day camera lucida for the classroom, this revolutionary piece of educational equipment provides a hands-on approach to art instruction. Suited for universities, schools, and even museums, the LUCY is not just another item in your list of drawing tools and supplies for education; it's a game-changer. Whether you're looking to place a bulk order for multiple classrooms or considering its potential uses in museums, the LUCY Drawing Tool offers an enriching, inclusive learning experience that effortlessly combines the artistic past with the technological present.

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