25-Piece Drawing Kit
25-Piece Drawing Kit
25-Piece Drawing Kit

25-Piece Drawing Kit

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Includes Everything Listed Below:

3-piece Charcoal Pencil Set
12-piece Drawing Pencil Set
1-piece White Pencil Set
3-piece Paper Stump Set
Pencil Extender
Sharpening knife
White Paint Pen
kneadable Eraser
Pencil Sharpener
Canvas Roll-Up Pouch

The LUCIDArt 25-piece art set has the essentials you need to start creating your masterpieces. This high-quality 25-piece art set has been carefully curated by the manufacturer of the LUCY Drawing Tool to include basic drawing supplies that work exceptionally well with your LUCY. 

This set includes drawing essentials like a full drawing pencil set, a range of charcoal pencils, and key accessories you need. With the LUCY’s optical filters, you will be able to reflect an image over white or dark paper. To help you get full use out of your LUCY, we also include a white pencil that can be used on darker paper.

We even include a white acrylic paint pen that can be used to paint the tip of your pencil white, which will help you see the tip of your pencil more clearly when drawing with your LUCY. This little trick, while not necessary, is an example of how we go the extra mile to optimize this art set for use with your LUCY!

The LUCY Drawing Tool

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