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Theodore Heublein, California

"I use my LUCY Drawing Tool to more accurately capture my subjects. Due to isolation from COVID-19, I have been trying to capture my garden over the changing seasons and this tool has helped tremendously. I am able to use this both indoors and outdoors. I like that it has so few moving parts and comes together quickly and easily. Well worth the expense."


Darice Machel McGuire, Hawaii

“As an art teacher and owner of my own art school in Maui, I was very excited about the new LUCY pro. My first project using the LUCY was an 11×14 acrylic painting of a sail boat in the Lahaina harbor. I worked from one of my photographs … once I had it all alined to my satisfaction I was able to draw the image with ease. As soon as I master the use of this wonderful tool, I plan on teaching my students how to use it. They are as excited as I am and can’t wait to get their hands on it.”

Didier Geffard-Kuriyama, France

“I'm using LUCY flex since 2017, mainly for educational purposes, here, at Paris National Natural History Museum, where I work as scientific illustrator and instructor. LUCY fits perfectly my needs to teach how to draw helped with an optical device, from middle school (see for example this testimony: ) to Master Degree in scientific illustration. I've tried many competing devices and the LUCY Drawing Tool is really my favorite: easy to use, strong and versatile. Students discovering this tool really enjoy the magic!”

Shareen Phillips, Illinois

"I just received my LUCY and I’m thrilled.  My first attempt using it impressed me. It was easy to assemble and set up.  Finding the right lighting is the only thing that gets in the way, but the filters that come with it help a lot.  I strive to draw realistic portraits and this has given me the ability to up my game!  I’m so pleased."

Eugene Conway, Dublin Ireland

“Your instrument, in keeping with the tradition of a true craftsmen tool is a worthy addition alongside all the other items to be found in an artist’s studio. The LUCY opens up a whole new world of possibilities. This instrument, requires a degree of patience and skill which rewards with truly amazing results which are genuinely astounding. The LUCY reduces the time it takes to measure a subject thus enabling rapid progress for the artist.”

Vladimir Parra, USA

"After I came across your advertisement on YouTube, I ordered the LUCY Drawing Tool just out of curiosity.  Now I am completely hooked on drawing… I just want to thank you for having this product available!  I love it so much.  This product has helped me draw better and has made it so much fun."

Lynne Hurd Bryant, Wyoming

“I LOVE THIS THING! I am so pleased and so excited and it is like MAGIC. It has added to my art degree training and expand what I can do. You can also sit in front of a computer screen with a digital image and use the LUCY to draw it. I tried looking at some digital images through the LUCY and view is 100% better than with an opaque projector.”

Patrick Kikut, University of Wyoming

“I have used both the LUCY pro and LUCY flex in my field drawings and have found it helpful in terms of proportions and distances. Proportions and distances are major components in describing the Western landscape. Many students (and workshop attendees) struggle to render both the immensity of the high mountain peaks and the great distances between the viewer and the subject. The use of a LUCY can be a great help in this regard and can allow for artists to more quickly move onto mark making and color descriptions.” 

 Photos from Society of Photographic Educators North West Conference, Teton National Park.

Mr. Samuel Paris, Maryland

“I bought the LUCY in the hope it would help my students learn to draw. Some students that had trouble concentrating with normal drawing instruction showed a renewed focus and showed considerable renewed effort in learning to draw. It is easy and fun to use and I would recommend you give it try. Here are some samples of portraits that I have done. The LUCY is a big time-saver and makes getting a likeness much easier.”

Les Bruder, Minnesota

“The LUCY is suited to reducing panoramas and natural scenes to the size of a large drawing pad, and its portability makes it ideal for such image capture. You don’t have to rely upon electricity as with projection systems, and the filters help one deal with all manner of natural lighting. You really learn a lot about light and seeing when you begin to play around with such an instrument. You feel like part of the camera, in fact you are a part of the camera; the mirror reflects the image onto a surface, the artist plays the part of the developing chemicals which fix the image on the paper. Another and perhaps greater instruction one gets from using the LUCY is practice in seeing and manipulating proportion, which, as Leonardo Di Vinci said, is divine.”

Rhonda Sciacca, Australia

“I love the LUCY. The LUCY flex is lightweight and flexible and easily transportable. I purchased the previous version of this Camera Lucida and enjoyed it so much that when the improved LUCY came out with the flexible stand I could not resist. I find it easy and fun to use, even though I can, and do, draw without it. The image is more clear and much brighter than the previous version and the filters work very well when working in different lighting conditions. I use it to quickly get the correct perspective and have used it in life drawing to easily and quickly get the proportions correct. I also use it just to revive my interest in art when I find it flagging a little. It is exciting with endless possibilities. Even the dishes in the sink look exciting and are easy to draw with the LUCY. Use it for fun and to relax.  The result doesn’t have to be perfect or suitable for hanging but the LUCY certainly could be used for that purpose for more serious work.”

Terry Elrod, Alberta Canada

"I like to draw and paint en plein air. It's great for drawings of cityscapes to get the perspective right (even while sitting in a car), but it also works well for painting. ... In just a few minutes I'm started on a well-composed painting while my attraction to the scene is still fresh. Often I let drawn lines show through for an interesting effect."

" I think it is super fun. Drawing with it is helping me learn to find the lines when drawing from life without it too which is a great side-benefit. I have a degree in Art History, but the studio classes required at my University weren't easy for me. It is simple to set up (watch the you-tube videos) and use. The filters are a great addition especially if you have poor lighting. The fact that I can view so much of the object or photo (with the projector addition) is a vast upgrade over the NeoLucida which I also own-- it works too, you just have to constantly adjust to see more then a tiny fraction of what you are trying to draw. The LUCY however reflects the entire object/image and you can easily adjust to the size you want by changing the distance. After using the NeoLucida a few times I stuck it in a drawer. The LUCY though is constantly attached to my art station. Love it!" -R. Wetzel

"I am a retired Psychotherapist, and loved my career, but I always wanted to be an artist. I had used these tools to help clients with self esteem issues, for years before retiring. Not to mention what the LUCY has done for my own self esteem. At 52 years of age, I can only wonder how different my life may have been, if I had been introduced to these glorious tools earlier, perhaps in my childhood even. I was basically a stick figure artist most of my life, till I worked with my first LUCY made and designed by Les Cookson. I am no Rembrandt, but I have made money with my new skills. I have used these tools for so many things, art, sculpture, photography, to restore art projects I have purchased. I have found so many other surprising ways of using these tools as well. Think out of the box, and you will be surprised what you come up with." -Dr. Roy Hedrick

"The LUCY DRAWING TOOL has changed my life! My long time desire to learn to draw has been satisfied with this amazing tool. Setup was a snap thanks to the instructional videos. After one or two tries, I had drawn a near perfect outline of my subject and I couldn't believe it was my hand that accomplished it! No previous talent just a wish. After I was done I knew I finally had the confidence to want to continue. The lenses and flexible arm are of excellent quality along with a nice sturdy clamp that attaches to your table. I used it in both standing and sitting positions and both were comfortable. I also ordered the Projector arm that also clamps to your table to be used in conjunction with your cell phone photos that you might be inspired to replicate. This is a MUST HAVE item!" -CM

Jennifer Ouellette, GIZMODO

"Now everyone can channel their inner Dutch master with the LUCY drawing tool."

Michael Borys, Boing Boing

"The LUCY will make you feel like you have special abilities by letting you look at two things at once – and have them converge in the same spot for you to draw on top of."

Roy Yap, Get Dat Gadget

“The LUCY Camera Lucida is not just a simple reproduction of this drawing aid of old but it also introduces a few improvements of its own. Firstly, the superimposed image is much brighter and can be easily seen on even white paper. In fact the brightness can even be adjusted to suit the artist. Unlike olden versions of the camera lucida, the LUCY can create fairly large images of up to 19 x 27 inches. The optics are mounted on a 2 feet long flexible neck with a clamp at the other end. This provides a lot of versatility when mounting the device. The artist can choose to sit down, stand up or even mount it on an easel while drawing.”