LUCIDArt offers 3 LUCY Drawing Tool models: The LUCY mini,LUCY flex, and LUCY pro. Each LUCY is the same type of drawing tool thatreflects anything you want to draw onto your paper or canvas, but they have differentimage sizes, materials, and capabilities.

Image size…  

The biggest difference between the LUCY models is imagesize.

The maximum image size when drawing from life with the LUCYmini is 12 X 18 inches wide.

For the LUCY flex, the maximum image size drawing from lifeis 19 X 27 inches wide.

And the LUCY pro (the largest LUCY) has a maximum image sizefor live drawings of 20 X 37 inches wide.

Photo enlargement…

When using the optional Photo Enlarger accessory, the LUCYmini can blow-up a 4x6 photo just over 2 ½  times enlargement.  The LUCY flex can get up to a 3X photoenlargement. And the largest LUCY pro, blows-up a photo 4 times the originalsize.

Image brightness…

The LUCY mini comes with 1 optical filter to create 2 imagebrightness levels.

The LUCY flex and LUCY pro both come with 2 optical filtersenabling up to 4 image brightness levels. 


The LUCY mini can be used standing looking down at yourdrawing or sitting looking forward at the subject.

The LUCY flex (the most versatile LUCY) can be used standinglooking down at your drawing, sitting looking forward at the subject, or beused working at an easel.

The LUCY pro is used standing or sitting looking down atyour drawing surface.

The LUCY pro can be used standing or sitting looking down atyour drawing or sitting looking forward at the subject.


The LUCY mini and LUCY flex optical heads are made with Fiberglassinfused polycarbonate with rubber coated steel flex arms. The LUCY mini has asleek plastic clamp, and the LUCY flex has a solid aluminum clamp.

The sturdiest LUCY—the LUCY pro is built with Lightweightaluminum alloy with a solid mechanical arm steadied by a second diagonal crosssupport arm.


The LUCY mini is the most portable and affordable; a gooddrawing tool for those who want to draw like magic, but don’t need the largersize or extra features.

The LUCY flex is the most versatile, a better drawing toolfor the artists who want to balance image size and flexibility.

The LUCY pro is the very best drawing tool for seriousartists who need the larger image size and sturdy construction.