LUCID-Art Camera Lucida with Photo Projector

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  • Largest Most Stable Image: up to 20 x 37 inches (50.8 x 94 cm) from life
  • Includes Photo Projector Accessory to Enlarge a 4x6" Photo up to 16x24"
  • Bright Adjustable Image, Solid Mechanical Arm with Diagonal Cross Support
  • Built in USA w/ Lightweight Aluminum Alloy. 

The LUCID-Art camera lucida is our largest camera lucida. It is a high quality art tool made in California, USA with strong lightweight aluminum alloy with a powder coated finish. All the mirrors and optical filters are shatterproof acrylic glass. It comes with a powder coated attachable steel clamp that secures it to a work space.


For more information about camera lucidas see out home page 


You may be asking: “besides the cost, what is the difference between your two camera lucidas?” Well, the biggest difference is the size of the image. The LUCID-Art camera lucida’s image goes up to 20×37 inches, while the LUCY camera Lucida has an image of 19×27 inches, which is still large, just not as large as the LUCID-Art camera lucida.

Along with the size of the image, the LUCID-Art also has a larger magnification when enlarging photos with the photo projector: up to 4x enlargement for the LUCID-Art and 3x enlargement for LUCY.

The LUCID-Art camera lucida is also just nicer in all aspects as you might expect from the cost difference and the way they look. It is supported by a solid mechanical arm that is steadied by a second diagonal cross support arm, which gives you the most stable image possible.

Most people get the LUCY camera lucida because it is a great deal for what you get and the added flexibility of being able to use it while standing, sitting or at an easel. But if you want the very best, or you need the larger image, then get the LUCID-Art camera lucida.