LUCY Art Learning Hub is Now Live!

LUCY Art Learning Hub is Now Live!

The LUCY Learning Hub Offers:

LUCY-empowered, effective courses and tutorials

Unlimited access to hundreds of hours of drawing and painting lessons.


Art teacher-supported online forum

Get the professional and community support you need!


... Monthly access for the cost of lunch!

... Flexible - Cancel anytime.

... Risk-free - 30-day money-back guarantee!


Meet LUCY Hub's main instructor


Frequently asked questions

Can I sign up for LUCY Learning Hub?
Enrollments in the LUCY Learning Hub open May 21st. Please join the waiting list to be alerted as soon as enrollment begins.

What courses and tutorials are available on LUCY Learning Hub, and will I have access to everything?
Yes, every member has access to every resource on LUCY Learning Hub, including courses covering subjects like basic drawing, portraiture, pet portraits, perspective, figure drawing, color theory, watercolor painting, and colored pencils. We also offer tutorial project videos that, instead of covering a complete subject across many lessons, guide you through a single project from start to finish. Additionally, you have access to reference image libraries with photo references for use in your independent art projects.

How often will new content be added to the LUCY Learning Hub?
We will add new content in the form of courses, tutorials, and other resources each month. The value of new content each month will be much more than what you pay in your monthly subscriptions, so the value you get will increase month after month.

How will LUCY Learning Hub work?
You will enroll to pay a low monthly subscription, about the price it would cost to grab lunch. After you enroll, you will receive an email prompting you to create a username and password. Once you have an account, you can dive right into any of our courses or tutorials to start learning. Through this same online hub, you will be able to access our community forum where you can ask questions, post pictures of your work, and get feedback from your fellow artists as well as from the art teacher who will interact regularly with the forum to give feedback and direction and help mediate discussion.

Do you have an app for LUCY Learning Hub?
Yes, you can access the app for LUCY Learning Hub by downloading our platform host app, the "Teachable Online Course" app. From there, enter your login credentials that you made after enrolling, and you can have access to LUCY Learning Hub. The app is only available for iOS, but everything on LUCY Learning Hub is also available from the website, which you can access on a computer, tablet, or phone.

What if I already bought the LUCY Drawing Course?
The LUCY Drawing course is now just one of many resources included in LUCY Learning Hub. We deeply appreciate those who have supported our efforts to build a learning platform, so if you previously purchased this standalone course, you will be sent a special credit code to credit what you paid for that course and put it towards your LUCY Learning Hub membership so you can access all of the expanding resources and continue your artistic journey.

Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time through your account settings, which will stop any future billing. You can also request and receive a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

 Update from May 14, 2024:


Last week I told you we were announcing something big at Draw LUCY, well without further ado here it is…

LUCY Art Learning Hub!

The LUCY Learning Hub is an innovative, growing, interactive art course learning platform. Dive into everything from basic drawing and painting to intricate portraiture and lively watercolor techniques. Our focus is on personal growth, first by cultivating a love for art and then channeling that energy into productive, hands-on learning.

 Other courses often focus too much on the teacher’s talent rather than your learning experience, merely showcasing their skills instead of enhancing yours. At LUCY Learning Hub, our courses are designed to be accessible and digestible, ensuring active and effective learning. Integrating the LUCY Drawing Tool not only makes the process more enjoyable but also accelerates it by improving hand-eye coordination, demonstrating perspective, and teaching you to draw what you see. This tool acts like training wheels, providing essential support wherever you are in your artistic journey, even if you are a total beginner, allowing you to create beautiful art while continuing to learn and grow.

Learning at LUCY Art Hub goes beyond just the courses because we are your complete learning interactive hub. Connect with our art teachers and engage with fellow students in our dynamic online forum. Here, you can share your artwork, receive personalized feedback, and find inspiration and support within a community of like-minded artists.

For about the same price as grabbing lunch, you gain unlimited monthly access to all that LUCY Art Learning Hub has to offer. Sign up risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Not satisfied? Get a full refund within the first 30 days. Plus, you can cancel your subscription at anytime, but I'm confident you'll recognize the tremendous value in growing your art skills within this dynamic growing art learning community.

Stay tuned for our next email arriving in a couple of days! You'll find exciting details about the courses and tutorials that will be included, how often we'll add new ones, your special founding member pricing, an introduction to the art teacher, and much more.

LUCY Learning Hub will be going live May 21st! That’s only one week!

 Update from May 9, 2024:

Something big is coming from Draw LUCY! And I'm not talking about a new art supply product or even a new LUCY model (though we have announced those in the past, and they were cool). We're gearing up to announce something much bigger and more exciting. A vision 5+ years in the making! 

It's been nearly two decades since I built my first camera lucida in my garage. From perfecting that design into the LUCY Drawing Tool, to our projects on Kickstarter, to my eventful appearance on Shark Tank, this journey has been wonderful. But through it all, what I've really connected with is the excitement of people learning to draw and improving as artists with the LUCY drawing tool.

Again and again, I've heard people say that they've tried art classes or various courses, but the only thing that ever worked for them was the LUCY.

Lynne Hurd Bryant had gone to art school, but it wasn't until she got her LUCY that she felt confident enough to call herself an artist.

Jo Jenkins, who took many art classes because she always wanted to be artistic—even though she could only draw stick figures—finally began to really learn to draw after getting the LUCY.

Larry Goff tried numerous online "learn to draw" exercises with little to no progress, until the LUCY finally gave him his artistic breakthrough.

In all these examples—and many more over the years—there's nothing wrong with going to art school, taking art classes, or trying to improve your artistic skills with online resources. But the solution for these people was the LUCY Drawing Tool. Artists are visual learners, and the LUCY teaches you to art visually. So what if we could combine the magic of the LUCY Drawing Tool with courses that integrate the LUCY into the curriculum, along with personal feedback from a teacher and a supportive community of artists inspiring and supporting each other? That would truly be a revolutionary combination.

That's why I am so excited for next week when I get to share more about our big announcement!

More details will follow soon!

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Laura Skamser on

I bought my subscription to the Lucy Hub on my PC but will be on the Lucy Hub using my laptop where my art supplies and Lucy pro is.
How do I log in on my lap top. I have a chrome book and a Mac book that I will be using.

Les on

@Aleph Membership will be $12 a month, and you can save 25% by paying annually.

Aleph on

How much is the monthly membership?

Nan on


Shirley Bass on

Hi, I missed the class on May 21, but am interested in what’s going on. How do I keep on top of new program. I would like to know the ends and of this new opportunity.

Barbara Bond on


Tom on


David on

Excellent news! This should be a fun journey.

Val on

Very interested. Look forward to hearing more. Cheers!

Ruth Paul on

Definitely interested.

Mariusz on

Please contact me when you’re ready.


i am interested.

Faith on

I’m looking forward to this. I can’t wait to see the way this will work.? I love to draw but I’m not quite there to become my best yet. So please teach me. Thank you for not giving up on those of us who care. Blessing always, Faith

Pamela on


Pameal on


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