The Art of Technology: The Rise of AI and the Future of Human Art

The Art of Technology: The Rise of AI and the Future of Human Art

As AI (artificial intelligence) continues to make its way into the art world, many are questioning the role of the artist in this technological age. Will technology render human art unnecessary, or is it more important than ever for artists to embrace and utilize ancient technologies like the camera lucida?

The use of AI in the art world is growing rapidly, with machines capable of creating images, animations, and even music with stunning realism and efficiency. However, the fear is that as AI becomes more advanced, it could eventually replace human artists altogether, leading to a world where art is created solely by machines. This would not only result in the loss of countless jobs, but also the loss of the unique human touch that makes art so valuable.

The LUCY Drawing Tool offers a possible solution to the problem. This upgraded version of the classic camera lucida could help keep human artists competitive in an AI-dominated world.

You may remember the controversy caused by the book "Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters" by David Hockney. This book shed light on the fact that even hundreds of years ago, artists utilized devices like the camera obscura and camera lucida to assist in their masterpieces. While some artists felt that this revelation diminished their credibility, it's important to remember that the use of such tools has always been a part of art history.

In a world where AI can create stunning art with just a word prompt, embracing and utilizing ancient technologies like the LUCY Drawing Tool may be the key for human artists to reach their full potential and avoid being replaced by machines. By incorporating this tool into their artistic practices, artists can continue to push the boundaries of their creativity while staying ahead of the constantly evolving algorithms of computer AIs.

As the world continues to grapple with the implications of AI generated art, it's clear that the artist's role in this technological age is far from over. By embracing and utilizing tools like the LUCY Drawing Tool, human artists can continue to make their mark in the post-AI world.

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1LTlos sur

M Javier Montero; You are creating a problem in your mind that does not exist while using a Lucigraph – or Lucy. That is a figment of your imagination —

Magpie sur

AI generated art is nothing more than a new form of reference, only thing it can replace is the stock photo market. all it is is literally just immediate visual representation of a creative idea. Anybody who thinks AI can replace the human need to create art does not understand the fundamental nature of art to humanity. AI is an incredibly beneficial tool to help artists of all kinds specifically ones like me who have aphantasia try incredibly detailed elaborate ideas and sketching does not help me get to a final piece. I have to photo bash references from photos… now I have ai to do that for me, it’s just faster; and I still end up collaging and redrawing before my final product and still using my Camera Lucida to transfer it to physical canvas… Doesn’t make my ability to do so with precision any less me, or less impressively spectacular.

Michel Ridgely sur

People throwing blobs of random paint at a blank canvas, is that art? Some believe so. Therefore, art like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. How one achieves that (beholder’s idea of beauty) is left to the artist and the tools at their disposal. Those tools are taken from a vast toolbox full of many and various tools which are embraced with innumerable ideas and talents.

Les sur

@ALAN AL BODDY I’ll have customer service email you an answer to your question.


Hi I`m dithering about buying the LUCID TOOL!
1)I`m a retired teacher (Amateur artist) now selling online
2)I am unsure whether to get the PRO version OR the cheaper version?
3)As A SENIOR (LIMITED FUNDS)I would like to pay through AFTERPAY! BIT BY BIT
4)Can you advise me. total shipped cost to Western Australia 6210
Sorry nuisance

Les sur

@Javier Montero, No. The LUCY does not suffer from ‘Parallel Depth Distortion’ like a prism lucida. That is one of the many improvements the LUCY Drawing Tool has over traditional camera lucidas.

Javier Montero sur

Hello, From the first time, I read about Camara Lucida (Lucy), I loved it but felt that it would always suffer from what I call Parallel Depth Distortion. That is, as the eye moves farther or to de side of the prism, the size of the image varies, and thus points of reference move as well making it easy to distort the image.
Tablet and phone Camera Lucida apps have a lock that you can trigger and it “locks” the image so it does not change regardless of how you move the phone. So, it is easier to trace the image.
Have your new product had done a similar improvement?
Thank you

Lj sur

Hurrah for Lucy, I appreciate technology and its contribution to advertising. There should not be a comparison of God given talent and technology. Each can exist together in society, but. NOT at the expense of real talent that an artist represents. Please take this in consideration of real human talent and creativity to advancements of technology.

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