Can You Really 'Cheat' at Art?

Can You Really 'Cheat' at Art?

When it comes to art, there's always someone ready to criticize. And in the case of the LUCY Drawing Tool, the number one criticism we get in social media comment sections is that it's cheating. But seriously, what does "cheating" even mean in art? 

Think about it, when tube paints were invented, some people thought it was cheating to use them instead of mixing pigments by hand. Others say it's cheating to use a ruler or even the end of your pencil to measure out your drawing. And some people even think drawing from a photo rather than from life is cheating.

But the thing is, “cheating” is subjective. And when it comes to the LUCY, it's just a tool that helps you transfer an image from a source to your drawing surface. It doesn't do the drawing for you. Plus, artists have been using tools like this for hundreds of years. Would we accuse Vermeer or Rembrandt of cheating? Of course not.

In fact, the LUCY Drawing Tool is a great way to learn to draw. It helps you see how to translate a three-dimensional world onto a two-dimensional surface. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can even try the LUCY Drawing Course, which combines the LUCY Drawing Tool with time-tested drawing methods to give you a hands-on learning experience.

And don't even get us started on the AI art genie that's been let out of the bottle. With machines creating art with just a word prompt, accusing someone of cheating for using a tool like the LUCY seems kind of silly, doesn't it?

So in the end, the only cheating in art is plagiarism. As long as you're creating original art with your own two hands, who cares if you use a tool to help you along the way? The Old Masters used every tool they could get their hands on, and their work is still hanging in museums hundreds of years later. So let's focus on the art, not the process.

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Mark sur

It isn’t cheating to become better. Look at all the so called old masters every thing they’ve painted or have drawn with only a few exceptions look as if a 6 year old child did it while goofing off in school. Every talented artist out there today has found a way more profound than God’s given Gift to accomplish what the have done there is no way possible that artistic abilities evolve into human beings 1000 times better bcz it’s a century later without finding a way to assist in the process. I’d love to see some of the art of those complaining . Bet they couldn’t even figure out where the light comes from and why shadows are where they are. The only ones that claim it’s cheating can’t even draw a decent stick figure !!!

Kathy Murray sur

I think it is marvelous tool. I have gone blind in my left eye over the last 2 years and this helps me so much to be able to transfer to my work surface, thank you for creating the Lucy tool!

Daniel sur

No, using Lucy is not cheating, and those who claim it is are probably unfamiliar with the history of fine art. Old masters frequently used the camera lucida and camera obscura. They also traced, used grids, transferred charcoal through pinholes from drawings to a painting surface, used open frames with strings in a grid to view a subject and transfer the image to a grid on paper, canvas, or board, and sighting with an outstretched pencil or brush. Sculptors routinely used (and now use) calipers and pointing machines and have done so for centuries. Tools can help, not inhibit, creativity.

Leslie sur

It is not cheating, tools of the artists trade.

Robin Lenart sur

Artists enjoy many tools. Sure beats holding up a thumb! And at the completion of the art project, it’s the creativity of the artist that shines. There is nothing that can’t be added in his collection of “artist tools”.

Jim Collins sur

I think using tools like Lucy is fine. To me its visual aid it just gives you an outline and helps with perspective but the artist still has to make a finished product. A good analogy is you wouldnt want a builder to build you a house without a blueprint or design would you? Yet he still has to turn out a finished product using his talents.

Cons sur

So true! Art is a creation of elements, it takes an imagination to create art, and experience. It was in recent years, I discovered technics Artist’s use. This is their edge, separating themselves from the ranks.

Dee sur

I was just talking about this with a friend yesterday. I’ve seen some of Van Gogh’s sketches. I don’t feel like sketching out your concept is cheating. Canvases are pricey and you don’t want to ruin one by ‘practicing’ on it.

Carlos sur

Soy uno de los Pioneros del Arte Pintura Digital .
Vuestro programa es una ayuda para los creativos y complementa lo que destacados artistas usaron y usan para sus pinturas .

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