The LUCY Drawing Tool: Learning is Never Cheating

The LUCY Drawing Tool: Learning is Never Cheating

It's not uncommon to find individuals who are hesitant to embrace the LUCY Drawing Tool. The primary apprehension stems from a fear of being perceived as cheating. But could the use of a tool that imparts a skill, which remains with you whether or not you continue using the tool, truly be considered cheating?

Think back to when you were a child learning to ride a bike. Did the training wheels constitute cheating? Absolutely not! They were there to assist you in developing the fundamental skills required to ride a bike, a skill many of us continue to utilize throughout our lives.


Just like training wheels on a bike that provide initial stability and confidence while gradually enhancing your understanding of balance and control, the LUCY Drawing Tool serves a similar purpose for budding artists. It allows you to start producing fantastic artwork right off the bat while simultaneously nurturing your understanding of the core principles of drawing.

The LUCY Drawing Tool is not merely a shortcut to instant gratification in art. It is a tool that fosters fun and confidence while you create beautiful artwork. It subtly enhances your hand-eye coordination, perspective, foreshortening, and other drawing skills, often without you realizing it. Drawing with the LUCY enables you to visualize and understand the process of drawing.

Of course, one can use the LUCY Drawing tool merely for the instant gratification of being able to create impressive drawings. However, if you invest time and effort in practicing, your drawing skills will undoubtedly improve, with or without the tool.

For individuals who have a deep desire to enhance their freehand drawing abilities, we have designed the LUCY Drawing Course. This curriculum synergistically combines proven drawing techniques with the LUCY Drawing tool. The course offers a practical learning experience that leverages the tool to instruct you on how to draw without  

The perspective to uphold here is that a tool that facilitates learning can never be cheating. The insights and skills that you acquire through the LUCY Drawing Tool are invaluable and remain with you forever. So embrace the LUCY, enjoy the process, and witness your artistic capabilities unfold.

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