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Fotovergrößerer & Tasche

Photo Projector 

with Bag

*Accessory Only. Does NOT Include the LUCY Drawing Tool. This will only work if you already have a LUCY Drawing Tool to use it with.*The Photo Projector accessory for copying and enlarging photos, and the handy bag to keep everything together.The Photo Projector is an accessory for the LUCY Drawing Tool. The Photo Projector allows you to enlarge photos, pictures or small objects using your LUCY up to a 3x magnification. That’s blowing up a 4in x 6in photo to 12in x 18in (10.2cm x 15.2cm to 30.5cm x 45.7cm).

The handy carrying bag comes with the Photo Projector. It has plenty of room in the main pouch to fit your LUCY, and the outer zipper pocket is perfect for storing the filters and Photo Projector. Bag measures 13.75″ W x 16.25″ H