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Photo Enlarger pro

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*Accessory Only. Does NOT Include the LUCY Pro. This will only work if you already have a LUCY pro to use it with.*

The Photo Enlarger pro accessory for copying and enlarging photos. 

This Photo Enlarger is an accessory for the LUCY pro. The Photo Enlarger allows you to enlarge photos, pictures or small objects using your LUCY pro up to a 4x magnification. That’s blowing up a 4in x 6in photo to 16in x 24in (10.2cm x 15.2cm to 41cm x 61cm). 

The image is better than what you can get with an ordinary art projector: you don’t have to work in the dark, no annoying shadow, no electricity, no risk of damaging your photo with a hot bulb. It comes with the small stand that attaches to your LUCY pro and a custom acrylic Fresnel lens that both enlarges and focuses the image down on your paper or canvas.