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The LUCY Drawing Course

The LUCY Drawing Course

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The LUCY is an excellent tool for teaching drawing because it helps students translate the 3-dimensionalworld onto 2-dimensional paper, so they can draw what they actually see. The LUCY can act as a sort of training wheel that accelerates and livens up the learning process.

The LUCY drawing course runs the student through a series of easy drawing exercises that accentuates the LUCY Drawing Tool’s natural teaching qualities. Working with this system, noticeable improvement in drawing can be seen in less than an hour, and long-term growth is more accessible than ever.

  • One-time purchase for lifetime access.
  • 14 video lessons
  • 5 drawing exercise system for rapid improvement and long-term growth
  • Learn live drawing—no copying photos
  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate artists
  • Course in English

*A LUCY Drawing Tool and basic drawing supplies are necessary, but not included with course purchase.  


The LUCY Drawing Tool

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